We believe that Wealth Mangement goes beyond traditional investment strategies.  We see it as encompassing your entire investment and financial life.  For each of our clients we design L.I.F.E. plans that are designed to offer BIG PICTURE strategies and solutions.  With our years of experience in working with our clients we find that there are different phases that they go through at different stages of their life.  We call these phases GROWTH, PRE-RETIRED, RETIRED and WEALTH TRANSFER.  The age that people enter these phases is not always the same for everyone, but we find that during each phase there are a number of similar issues that will be more important to you during a particular phase than at other times of your life.  The L.I.F.E. plan that we prepare focuses on the issues that are most important to you now, but is also be designed to be flexible as you progress to your next phase of life.  Below are some of the concerns we encounter as important to clients in the PRE-RETIRED PHASE.

These are the transition years, the time to reorganize and prepare for a retirement or semi-retirement lifestyle.

  • Reorganize investments to provide income and reduce volatility.
  • Review income streams from Pensions, registered and non-registered investments.
  • Prepare sale of business or phasing out of active participation.
  • Potentially Downsizing home.
  • Seriously investigate transitioning into new activities to replace a life of work, something that is meaningful to you.

Pre-Retirement is the time to pay close attention to the structure of, not only your investments but all the parts of your life: Pensions (private and government), Insurance (personal and business), Health care plans, life style expenses and tax structure, to name but a few.