As a client or associate of ours, you are in a unique position to introduce others to us, so that they too might benefit from our services. In our experience it’s quite likely that there will be a time when people close to you, family or friends, are in genuine need of the type of professional guidance we provide. It’s important to know that if they are important to you, they are important to us.

Who should you introduce?

Family members, friends or associates:

  • Who want to experience continued financial success
  • Who share your attitude, lifestyle and level of wealth accumulation

In our best working relationships, our clients:

  • Participate in our L.I.F.E Wealth Management Process
  • Are interested in tax and estate planning ideas
  • Appreciate and need regular contact and excellent service from their wealth management team

Why should you introduce someone?

  • We know those close to you are important to you and that by virtue of your relationship, their financial peace of mind will have a positive impact on you - because helping someone you care about feels good.
  • We know those close to you may also be involved in the future legacy you are creating.
  • We care about multi-generational planning and want to be involved in keeping the legacy alive.
  • We will always treat your family member or friend with the same professionalism and respect you expect and deserve.

How do you introduce someone?

Step 1

  • When the topics of money, financial planning or investment come up, tell your friend or family member what you like about us as wealth management professionals.
  • Explain how you have benefited from our services.

Step 2

  • Ask the person if he or she would like to meet us.
  • Call our office, with their permission, and give us their name, address, telephone number, and email address.

Step 3

  • Tell your friend that there is absolutely no obligation and also tell them that: We will send them a Client Information Kit
  • We will follow up with a phone call to see if they’d like to set up a meeting.
  • At this meeting, we will both have the opportunity to see if there is a FIT.
  • If there is a FIT we will proceed to work with them and prepare their L.I.F.E. Plan.
  • If either side doesn’t feel there is a FIT we will offer them with some alternative people/firms that may work better for them.