Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor

Ron Zwicker

I am a Portfolio Manager who has been in the financial industry since 1986. I have been thoroughly committed to providing life-changing investment advice and wealth management solutions to my clients for over three decades. Throughout this time, I have had what I call ‘a front row seat’ in witnessing the impacts of providing quality advice based on a true understanding of my clients, which is one of the things that make me equally passionate about what I do today. With access to even better wealth management solutions today (when compared to those of 30 years ago), I am genuinely excited about continuing to make a meaningful impact on the lives of my clients -- that will affect generations to come.

Over the life of my career as an Investment Advisor, I have also witnessed a broad range of economic, market and political circumstances – all of which can profoundly affect my client’s short, medium and long-term goals. This industry has many factors beyond anyone’s control and we tend to be emotional about our money. It is very important to me that each of my clients has a well-defined portfolio tailored to their unique needs is reviewed and monitored on a regular basis – to provide peace of mind.

  • Education & Credentials

Over the years, I have taken several courses to ensure I am current and up-to-date with investment solutions so I can best serve my clients. This includes being security and option licensed in both Canada and the United States. I’ve also earned the CIM® (Chartered Investment Manager) and ICBC Insurance License.

I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Bachelor of Education Degree. Although I’m not a teacher in the ‘traditional’ sense, I am able to provide a fundamental understanding of money to my clients so this often over complicated area is easier for them to understand.

  • More about Ron

I come from a prairie background, growing up in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta before moving out to the beautiful West Coast in 1986. In fact, it was here on the West Coast that I began my career as an investment Advisor.

I enjoy all of the outdoor activities the West Coast has to offer. I especially look forward to annual kayaking and camping trips with my family which have become an important family tradition. In addition, I also use my spare time to enjoy boating and trying (as always) to improve my golf game. During inclement weather, I enjoy a good game of squash.

To contact Ron directly you can call 250-412-3410 or email rzwicker@echelonpartners.com